About The Fund

Muaitheabhal Trust Area

As outlined in the Deed of Appointment and therefore forming ‘priority areas’ for funding, the following areas and villages are defined as the Muaitheabhal Trust Area:

  • Pairc – including villages of Orinsay, Lemreway, Gravir, Calbost, Marvig, Cromore, Caversta, Garyvard, Kershader, Habost, Sheildinish
  • Kinloch – including Soval and villages of Keose Glebe, Keose, Laxay, Valtos, Balallan, Eishken, Seaforth Head, Arivruaich, Kintarvie, Aline
  • North Harris – including villages of Bowglass, Ardvourlie, Scaladale, Eilean Anabuich, Maraig, Rhenigadale

Who can apply?

Muaitheabhal Trust can accept applications from the following provided that the project’s main aim covers at least one of the Trust’s charitable purposes:

  • Community, voluntary groups and social enterprises which benefit residents living within the Muaitheabhal Trust Area (priority group)
  • Community, voluntary groups and social enterprises which benefit residents living within the Western Isles.

To be able to apply you must also have:

  • An adopted constitution, or other governing document
  • A current bank account and copy of your most recent approved annual accounts (new   groups can provide a projection of the first year’s income and expenditure)
  • Evidence of need for the project
  • Evidence project meets the Trust’s priorities for funding (see below).

At this present time the Trust is unable to support Private Individuals or Businesses. It is hoped that as the fund progresses and grows they will be eligible. In the meantime, special cases may be considered and scored accordingly if clear community benefit can be demonstrated.

What are the Priorities for Funding?

Muaitheabhal Trust have identified priorities for funding. Applications submitted which can demonstrate these will be prioritised and scored more highly.

  • Projects which cover one or more of the Charitable Purposes of the Trust.
  • Projects which can demonstrate addressing (priority given for the Muaitheabhal Trust Area):
    • Supporting population growth
    • Reducing geographical handicap and remoteness
    • Supporting young people/ families / older people to live in our community
    • Improving community infrastructure
    • Sustaining, promoting and expanding our natural environment and crofting
    • Supporting our Gaelic language and culture
    • Social inclusion and supporting vulnerable groups
  • Projects that will benefit a large percentage of the community.
  • Projects that can demonstrate and evidence need and support within the community.
  • Projects that can demonstrate using MCWFT funds to lever-in other funds into the area.

What financial assistance is available?

At the present time, until the future operation of the Wind Farm is clearer, £300,000 will be made available over 2013/14.
As the Fund develops and grows, this amount will be increased, as will the target and priority groups.
Projects may claim up to 70% of total eligible project costs from the Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust.
The maximum grant request will be £50,000. However, the Trustees have the right to award higher grants in special circumstances based on application strength and community benefit.
The minimum contribution from the applicant (cash or in-kind) is 5% of the total project costs – all in kind contributions to be costed based on guidelines given in these guidance notes.
The Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust can be the first funder to be secured, from there you can go on to secure other match funding.
The fund can be used for both REVENUE and CAPITAL funding:

  • Revenue – provision of services and supporting activities. Cultural, educational, historical, social and staff costs, training etc.
  • Capital – physical infrastructure such as building works, equipment or material goods. Improving existing asset

How do we apply?

To apply for funding you should firstly submit an Enquiry Form to us. The MCWFT Manager will consider your Enquiry Form and respond to you within 7 days to either seek more information, give reasons why your project is not eligible or to invite you to then go on to complete an Application Form.
There are no deadlines for receipt of applications. Applications will be considered at Trust meetings held at monthly intervals, with cut-off dates for inclusion at these meetings being two weeks before. The decision time in relation to applications will vary accordingly, but we aim to get a decision to you within 4-6 weeks. In certain circumstances, applications for funds less than £1000 or for a specific deadline may be fast-tracked.
You can download an Enquiry Form here, if you would like a copy of these guidelines, please download a copy here
Alternatively contact us at 01851880296 or info@muaitheabhal.org.uk to request an Enquiry Form and we can email one to you.