Ravenspoint Fuel Project receives first MCWFT funding award

MCWFT Trustees

The newly opened Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust Fund have recently awarded the first grant to Co Chomunn na Pairc / Ravenspoint in Kershader, South Lochs towards their fuel pump project and related staff running costs.

The award of £32,000 over 3 years completes the £308,845 project to install a pump for unleaded petrol and diesel fuel, and above ground storage tank, beside the Ravenspoint building, a much needed new facility for the local community.

The assistance from the Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust (MCWFT) is the first award allocated since the fund opened for applications in mid-April. It is hoped this will provide a catalyst for other groups in the area who may be interested in accessing funding for their developments to come forward.

‘This award to an organisation in our community is exactly the kind of project that MCWFT wants to support, it is providing a vital service and sustaining employment in our area’ says Helen Sandison MCWFT Manager. ‘We hope that this award will raise the profile of Ravenspoint and also of MCWFT for other groups to come forward with ideas for projects that could be supported with funding’.

Work on the fuel station project is now under way and it is hoped to have the facility open by August. John Randall, chairman of Co-Chomunn na Pairc, said: ‘Securing this last piece of funding has been vital for this important project, which will bring many benefits to residents of the area and has the potential to transform how people view the idea of living in South Lochs.’

Trustees with an interest in the Ravenspoint project took no part in the decision-making in relation to the award, in line with the Trust’s protocol for dealing with situations where applications are received from organisations in which Trustees declare an interest.

The MCWFT is open to applicants, full details of the funding available and priorities for funding are available at www.muaitheabhal.org.uk or contact 01851 880296.