Update on Trust Election

Following the recent call for nominations for new Trustees to stand, we can confirm that six nominations were receieved.  However, one nominee decided to withdraw, leaving five nominations.   

Therefore we can confirm that there will not be an election at this time. 

The nominated Trustees are:

Iain M MacIver (Laxay)

Angus D McDowall (Habost)

Janet Gold (Keose)

Angus Ferguson (Garyvard)

Paul Bailey (Lemreway)

They join the remaining five Trustees and bring the total number of Trustees to the full compliment of ten. 

The Trust would like to thank members for their participation in this process. 

An invitation is extended to everyone in the Muaitheabhal Trust area to attend a Public Meeting on Thursday 29th October from 7.30pm at Balallan Hall.